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NOTHING LIKE THE DARKNESS is my third release of 2016 following JARDIN and SAILMAKER.

NOTHING LIKE THE DARKNESS is three songs, three tales to do with the drink, written and recorded in July and August of 2016.

The EP includes a version of No Through Road’s song, PARTY TO SURVIVE. The original song can be found at this link:


released August 23, 2016

All instrumentation and lyrics by Garrett R. Cooper
Lyrics to PARTY TO SURVIVE by Matt Banham (No Through Road)

Thank you: Scott ‘Rambo’ Williams for lending me your drums, Nathan Abbott for the loan of your guitar and Nick Kraitzer for the lend of your bass.
Thanks to Matt Banham and No Through Road for letting me have a go at their song



all rights reserved


GARRETT R. COOPER Adelaide, Australia

Songs written and recorded as abruptly as possible.
Some material previously written for Bronze Chariot and Damned Men however never complete.

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Retiring to the lounge on some rigid creaking chair, to ponder on the day with a hollow ghastly stare. I read Henry Miller and Leonard Cohen too, with faith in Nick Cave and brothers Bad Seeds to get me through. Tonight I’ll make the most and with my shadow share a toast to staying home and sinking, while drinking, I'm drinking alone

In this kitchen with no silver I’m the barkeep who delivers pours of dark and molten liquid guaranteed to hurt your liver. Then leaning on the bench I have it take my weight, let my pour burn holes in timber and the shots then shoot me straight. Pushing back towards the hall I walk with help from the wall to yet another room with bottles and where my tired bones can fall.

I take a page from friend Bukowski, his thoughts seem just like mine, I pour a heavy handed mug of cheap and nasty wine. The mug says life’s a beach but in this cold and unkind room I float above the ground on tins that seal my tomb. For tonight I've made the most and with my shadow shared a toast to staying home and sinking, while drinking, i'm drinking alone.

Muttering in the corner about the distance to the door, the boards of wood spread a stretching plane across the floor. My muscles tight and aching, bent crooked and confused, I shake my head to get it right, my eyes are gleaming and bemused. Feeling heavy, feeling weak I drop back down to a seat, I’ll have to wait another minute because just moving has me beat.

Rising slowly to my feet, my knees and lumbar crack like thunder calling from the clouds that hover on my back. I catch my face in some spill rolling slow across the floor, give myself a cheeky wink and grab the bottle for some more. Slinking down the hallway heading for another door where music is blaring so I can howl along until I’m sore.

I stagger feeling clumsy but I could walk through walls, the room is spinning colours and I’m feeling eight foot tall. I yell some things out the window to some people passing by, then pull some photos off the stand to sway with them until I die. Tonight I’ve made the most and with my shadow made a toast to put some bottles down and have my sorrows drowned. I’m only drinking, I’m drinking alone.

I feel overwhelmed in here so I head towards the door, where the smoke and the screams can’t get to me
But after one cold minute, I crave for even more and make my way back in, even further deep
Cause there’s nothing like the darkness when it’s getting light outside, and you’ve lived so much that you forget to breathe
So don’t end this night, I need to feel alive. No don’t end this night, I need to party to survive
And as my vision gets all blurry, my thoughts they stay inside and nothing but a smile gets to me
But I wanna keep on going, on and on and on till I know I’ve got nothing left to see
So don’t end this night, I need to feel alive. No don’t end this night, I need to party to survive

You’re given birth to in hope then seasoned with fear, being buried more and more year after year. You can take it all light with jokes and a cheer, and in that moment dear friend, you can bury me there
So let’s go for a drink you I, let’s have a drink and we can say all them things that we’ll forget but be sure to reminisce about being old friends
And even though I could, I don’t want to do it alone so let’s have a drink you and I, let’s go for a drink
Because you’re given birth to in hope and seasoned with fear, being buried more and more year after year so let’s have a drink you and I