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Tenth recorded output since beginning recording at home in 2009.
Fifth release for the year of 2014.


released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


GARRETT R. COOPER Adelaide, Australia

Songs written and recorded as abruptly as possible.
Some material previously written for Bronze Chariot and Damned Men however never complete.

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Track Name: HUNGRY MAN
I was trying not very hard at doing nothing and getting pretty good at it.
Living on Maud and Smith, taking all that I could get and giving nothing back, living poor.

Thinking of the world that was turning by and all the men that i'd hoped to die.
There was an inkling, a diamond in the rough, a real tough nut that i'd broken all my teeth on trying to crack.
I had a craving, a dog clawing through the dirt, scooping down to gulp from the place where no man wins, he only loses more slowly.

Then I heard that someone said "if you don't move you'll die" so I dropped myself in the drink and headed to the street where I did wander and I wonder... If you're buried in a suit, why would you choose to wear one day in and day out?
But I slid myself in the cloth and sealed myself in the box, living poor.

Someday i'll be lifted upon some shoulders and carried down the steps of an old stone hall. I'll be lowered down in a hole and everyone will call "there goes the hungry man" and his dog keeps digging "living poor"
I woke up from a dream and stumbled to the sink and then emptied my stomach in the cold stainless steel.
In this dream, the birds were leaving the trees and I saw a man hanging from his neck in the sun.

I woke up from a dream, I must have been clenching my teeth or chewing on my tongue and with the smell of blood on my breath.
In this dream, two boys and a woman grieving for a man hanging with his ankles clicking in the breeze.

We got a blade and we cut him down and saw that his face was just like mine.
With a grim grin from the graze, he'd put up a fight and jingle jangled through the night.
He'd kicked and swung up there on his own and I wondered for just how long